I’m Daniel Edwards,  a software engineer currently living in Wellington, New Zealand.

This website is mainly used for highlighting some of my personal projects. These are mostly game development related, but some may venture in to other topics I’m interested in such as cloud infrastructure and security.

A bit about me…

I grew up in Canberra, Australia where I studied 3D animation and modelling at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I worked as a technical artist for a few years before deciding to return to further study. I attended University of Canberra part-time and partially completed a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering before moving to New Zealand. I have since transferred my credits to Victoria University and am continuing studying.

Whilst studying, I am also working full-time for iPayroll as their Lead Infrastructure Developer. Since I joined iPayroll, the company has completed a transition from a traditional datacentre in to a modern AWS cloud-based infrastructure-as-code system.  I spend most of my time designing, operating and troubleshooting solutions across many AWS services. My full resume of work experience can be seen on LinkedIn.

Since coming to New Zealand, I have also taken an increased interest in IT security and have regularly attended various BSides events and KiwiCon.

In my spare time I take part in as many Game Jams as I can, and attend various game development events in and around Wellington. I am one of the organisers of the Game Developers of Wellington Meetup group. I also usually have a few different personal projects on the go at any given time. Sometimes I even find some spare time to actually play some games too!