KiwiJam 2017

On the weekend of 21st July, 2017, I took part in KiwiJam, a 48 hour game jam being held at various locations around New Zealand. I went along to Yoobee School of Design in Wellington as a lone gun-for-hire and quickly found myself part of a group of six. We had quite a good mix of talents, with two programmers (including myself), two artists, a game designer and a sound engineer.

The theme of the weekend was “In to the night”, which my group re-imagined into a game we titled “In Two the Knight”. The game is a co-op two player action game where the goal is to survive as many days as possible while fighting or avoiding an ever increasing number of enemies. The game ended up being rather harder than we intended, due mostly to the fact that there was no player health system or lives system. As a consequence, getting hit, even once, by an enemy meant instant death and game over for both players! However once players became used to the controls and learned to work together, the game was quite fun and had a good amount of replay-ability.