Open Jam Aotearoa 2018

On March 9th 2018 I went to Massey University in Wellington to attend Open Jam Aotearoa 2018. Compared to others, this was a relatively small game jam with only around 20 attendees. After having an over ambitious scope for my last game jam, I decided to take a bit more conservative approach this time around, especially considering that I worked by myself this time around.

This jam had a really good atmosphere and was super relaxed. The theme was one of the more interesting ones that I’ve had, Soup.¬† I spent the first hour brainstorming ideas before settling on making a card game.

Recipe for Success was a relatively simple game involving¬† two decks of cards, Recipes and Ingredients. Players draw ingredients and attempt to collect enough to complete recipes. Players could also “Stir the Pot” which would allow them to steal cards from each other’s hands.

Once I had completed the rather basic graphic design on the cards, I printed out a deck on card and did some play testing with others at the jam. The rules went through a few iterations and ultimately was pretty fun to play, albeit each round was a bit long.

I also imported all of the cards into Table Top Simulator. I was able to implement most of the basics of the game using the built-in lua api. Overall, this was one of the more successful game jams I have been to. I was able to build a complete game in 48 hours that worked as both a physical and digital card game, so I was quite happy with the results.